Current work

April 2005 - Present

Designer / Developer, CNN.com

Worked closely with team leaders to the concept, strategy, design, and development of new products and interactives for CNN, including:

  • The CNN Video Experience: A new direction for video on the web, including one of the first implementations of TV Everywhere, bringing live TV to cable subscribers.
  • CNN Expansion: Prototyped concepts of the emerging responsive landscape, helped define standards and workflows. Developed an extensible SASS framework for grid management.
  • Longform Interactives: Worked along side a great team to redefine interactives and longform interactives with award winning results: Home and Away, South Africa 2010: World Cup Twitter Buzz, Slavery's last stronghold, "My Son is mentally ill."

Personal and Freelance Initiatives

I enjoy pursuing various projects that have pique my interests, especially when these projects involve other talents that I don’t always have the opportunity to utilize in my career.

  • Created animated segments for a marketing presentation for ClearLeap's cross platform video content delivery system.
  • Volunteered my talents and time to design, develop, and host a website for Twinhead Theatre, a non-profit theatre group, for their own brand and their work on bringing the Fringe Festival to Atlanta.
  • Produced visual effects for short films, as well as producing multiple personal shorts, including co-producing a feature film which is currently distributed through Amazon.


August 2000 — May 2004

Ringling College of Art & Design

BFA, Illustration


Langauges & Frameworks

  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Dust.js, Handlebars, Mustache
  • SASS / LESS / Compass
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • C++ / Cocoa
  • Python / Ruby
  • ActionScript

Design / Layout

  • Photoshop CC
  • Illustrator CC
  • InDesign CC
  • Sketch

Video / 3D

  • Premiere CC
  • After Effects CC
  • Final Cut 7/X
  • Motion
  • Maya
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender


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